Lengberg Livestream Q&A

Livestream with the Lengberg Research Team, Rachel Case, Marion McNealy, and Beatrix Nutz.

In 2008, during the renovations at Lengberg Castle, a trove of over 2700 textile fragments dated to the 15th century was discovered. Among these textile remnants was a skirted bra, the first finding of 15th c. bust supportive garment (which had before only been seen in manuscript images), several linen headdresses, fragments of linen shirts, and fragments of linen linings for three gowns: two dresses for a small girl (one of blue wool and one of red silk) and one blue woolen dress for an adult woman. These linen linings are most noteworthy for the techniques applied in their tailoring, as they demonstrate that 15th century tailors had a highly-advanced understanding of the bias properties of the fabrics that they worked with, far beyond anything expected, and not to be duplicated in fashion until the 1930s. Rachel Case and Marion McNealy have had the honor of studying these garments in person, reconstructing them, and working with Beatrix Nutz to write up the findings for publication. They are excited to share with you via a live Q&A some details and and insights of their findings.

Click on the image to view the video on YouTube:

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