Enigmatic Beauty: Headwear of Lengberg Castle

Paper written by Rachel Case, Beatrix Nutz, and Carol James about the sprang headwear of Lengberg Castle.


In Lengberg Castle, East Tyrol, a perplexing textile fragment made of humble fabric but with exquisite detail was found beneath the floorboards among thousands of objects. It is of white linen cloth with a variety of decorative elements in linen thread. These decorative elements include needlelace, loop braids, and most strikingly, sprang. The complex tree of life pattern of the sprang suggests this is a noteworthy garment. It was meant to be seen. Since the original function of this textile could not be determined with certainty by merely investigating the extant garment, a reconstruction was attempted in order to produce a copy with which wearer trials could be conducted. Thanks to a grant from the Janet Arnold Foundation, new light can now be shed on this mysterious textile, and how it was worn. After frustrating failed attempts, a surprising solution was determined: the textile is headwear.

Enigmatic Beauty Headwear of Lengberg Castle – Article on Academia.edu

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