Rachel Case

I’m an independent historical textiles researcher and a lifelong sewist. My main focus for the last several years has been 15th century textiles, specifically the Lengberg finds.

My obsession with the Lengberg finds began ten years ago when I came across an online article about the “world’s oldest bra” and knew I needed to learn more about it. In 2015 I travelled to Innsbruck, Austria to inspect the finds and began a collaboration with Beatrix Nutz and Marion McNealy on reconstructions of the textiles in the finds.  

I am constantly researching and creating clothing based on historical fashion of the 14th through the 16th centuries from all over Europe. 

I have been a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism since 2008, and was Laureled in 2016. My home kingdom is the East Kingdom.

I can be contacted at knit2p2 AT gmail DOT com

Marion McNealy

I’m an author, dress and fashion historian, researcher, and maker. Like a butterfly flying from one flower to another, I flit from researching and writing about the fashions and clothes of Germany and Austria in the 15th and 16th centuries, to studying the clothes, fashions and patternmaking methods around the world in the 19th and 20th centuries. The goal of my work is to build a bridge to the past, to create an easily approachable path for anyone to obtain historical clothing and fashion information. 

I’ve written five books, co-authored Drei Schnittbucher, and am working on several others. However these books are just a fraction of all that I’ve been doing behind the scenes, including  researching and reconstructing the 15th century Lengberg finds and creating patterns for Woodcut Wardrobe. I have been playing in the SCA since 2003, and have lived in six kingdoms so far. In 2011 I was laureled in Atlantia, and currently live in Caid.

I can be contacted at marion DOT mcnealy AT gmail DOT com.

Robyn Spencer

I’m a renaissance researcher, maker, teacher – and project manager. My main clothing focus is early 16th century Germany, but I have drafted patterns and fitted clothing from the 14th century to Elizabethan across many European countries, for people of all shapes and sizes. I work across many crafts, including embroidery and fine arts and have a passion for headwear.

I teach dozens of classes each year, and have been looking for a better way to help people make excellent, practical clothing based on historical sources.

I’ve been in the SCA since 1980, when I founded the future Kingdom of Lochac, where I still work and play.. I was Laurelled in 1984 but still find new things to be excited about.