A Project Update: February 2024

Hi, It’s been a while since I posted an update here.
When we first launched this project in February 2022, we had no idea it would take this long. It has been a rough two years, mostly due to things totally unrelated to this project. I’m not the only one on the project with this experience. Life has been hard in many ways.
However the pattern for the Lengberg Bra has proceeded – in fits and starts, but it HAS proceeded!

The original extant Lengberg bra fragment was made for a very small person with a very small bust. When Rachel Case created her Lengberg Bra replica, she discovered that she was the same size, which meant the recreation could be very close to the original fragment. However, once we started to develop a general pattern, we found it was not possible to enlarge the pattern to a larger size. It just simply did not work.

The pattern needed to be redrafted from scratch, while keeping to the concept of the design. During this process, an additional bra body fragment was discovered in the Lengberg finds, which informed the design and construction of the pattern in a new direction, without sprang and with some other significant changes to the shapes of key elements.

I’ve learned more about boob drafting math and bust supportive garments than I ever thought I would need to know. The learning curve on this project has at times felt to be straight up vertical!

There have been several versions tested, which failed at different parts of the testing. We tried a custom fit solution, where the maker would choose each part individually, and that was a great concept, but proved to not actually work in reality. So – back to the drawing board to re-designed the pattern, the sizing, and the instructions to choose the different pieces. This took more testing. Now I think we’re at version 9? or 10?

The pattern sizing will be for underbust measurements from from 24″ | 60 cm to 50″ | 125 cm, and for a full bust minus underbust difference of 8″, which is a US A to H cup range, which covers 82% of the survey results from 2 years ago . The cup size range is limited because the Lengberg skirted bra pattern has side lacing.

Earlier this month, the pattern went into Alpha testing. So far results have been promising and I’m hoping the pattern will be released into a larger testing group soon.

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