500 Year Old Underwear? The Truth About the Lengberg Underwear Livestream

In 2008, during the renovations at Lengberg Castle, a trove of over 2700 textile fragments dated to the 15th century was discovered. Among these textile remnants was a pair of underwear. Since their discovery several theories have been presented and many questions have been asked about who wore them, and how these underwear were worn. Rachel Case and Marion McNealy will be addressing several of these questions, along with a few special guests, Jess Finley and Rachel Scott. Questions we will be discussing: – How do we know these were worn by men? Let’s look to the art – Were these for used for hygiene and/or support reasons? – Could women wear these? – What did women wear during their periods? – What attitudes people have towards women’s health?

Watch the video by clicking the image below:

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